Team Building Music

“Music is the universal language of mankind” –
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Team Building Music:

Our team building music activities are extremely unique, fun and interesting and do not require any musical knowledge

They will immerse your colleagues and friends in musical experiences designed to strengthen bonds, increase knowledge and achieve what many think is the impossible

They are a great way for people to learn to work together and have fun while making music

What We Offer

We offer colleagues and groups of people the opportunity to bond, work together and have fun through music

Much time and effort has been spent in designing our unique team building activities so that no music knowledge or experience is required

The Activities

We have several activities available for all budgets and levels:

  • Play Famous Songs

Want to be a musician and play some of the worlds most famous songs? In this activity we give expert instruction to play and sing along to some of the worlds best known songs. Instruments include: guitar, bass, keyboard and percussion

  • The Big Sing Along

Karaoke that isn’t Karaoke, in this activity we’ll be learning some basic music theory so we can sing famous songs using sheet music, there is a twist and that is that some of these songs might be sung to different styles of music, e.g. Neil Diamonds ‘Sweet Caroline’ sung to some Reggae beats

  • Team/Company Anthem

Any song writers or singers out there? In this totally fun activity you’ll be writing a song about your team or company which will be produced with music and lyrics for one big sing along

We also have a ‘song off’ version of this activity where groups can compete against each other for the best song

Our Experience

Combined with over 30 years of instruction, recording and performance experience you’ll be in very good hands using our tried and proven methods which ensures everyone gets involved and has fun

You’ll be surprised how much fun these activities are and how to really work together as a team to achieve the objectives

Once again through our expert instruction and patented material these activities have been designed so that no music knowledge or experience is required

The Activities


Play/Sing Famous Songs

What’s included:

  • Flexible time duration
  • Flexible with numbers
  • Play/Sing famous songs
  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Instruments included
  • BYO
  • Basic music theory
  • Learning to work together as a band
  • Music concepts to take your band further

Team/Company Anthem

What’s included:

  • Flexible time duration
  • Flexible with numbers
  • Professional singer
  • BYO
  • singing exercises
  • Lyric writing
  • Music composition/production
  • Singing the new team song with composed/produced music

The Big Sing Along

What’s included:

  • 2 hours
  • Flexible with numbers
  • Professional singers
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Singing exercises
  • Notation theory
  • Singing famous songs as a group using sheet music and the basic theory learnt with a twist
  • No musical experience necessary

Instructor Reviews

Mike is a wonderful music tutor with a great sense of humour. He is able to deliver feedback in a kind and constructive manner. My 10 year old Son has been tutored by Mike for 6 months and has made terrific progress. The studio is a really cool space and for those who need it, Zoom sessions are also available. It’s a joy for me to watch my Son playing the guitar and it’s a bonus when he and Mike perform a duet. We highly recommend Mike for those looking for a professions music more
Deanna Luke
06:35 30 Mar 22
Mike is a great guitar teacher who is highly knowledgeable, personable and able to transfer knowledge as an instructor. His designed curriculums progress students in theory and practical skills, while covering various musical styles, exercising one's creativity and taking things at a tailored pace.I would recommend him if you want to become a well-rounded, musician who has fundamental knowledge and an arsenal of cross-genre more
Anthony Drane
10:34 27 May 22
My daughter has a wonderful time in the piano class. Mike is patient, fun and instructive, allowing her to enjoy the pia o playing as well as receiving constructive criticism. He can successfully guides her musically and emotionally. Mike is an amazing more
Kit Lee
21:33 11 Feb 22
Mike is such a great piano teacher. My son loves coming to his lesson every week and he has progressed so much since starting lessons with Mike. He’s so patient and kind to the kids. Highly recommend lessons at this more
Laura Fajardo
03:14 30 Aug 22
Mike Rizk is extremely experienced and has been teaching me guitar from absolutely no knowledge, to now progressing through knowledge of chords, and picking or lead guitar.He has tips that make a huge difference that are not in the books.I now can read music, which Is a real benefit and as I’d never played an instrument before, maybe a recorder at school, I’m now really progressing and I’m over 70 so an old dog learning new tricks!!I recommend Mike whether your a beginner or an experienced guitarist, who will genuinely benefit from lessons to correct bad habits that you didn’t realise you had for years.And he also teaches piano!!read more
Robert Harris
23:12 17 May 22

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